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Korsacheva Nina Nikolaevna, 40 years old, Kiev


Maria Korotkova, 30 years old, Ukraine, Kherson


Martynova Natalia Olegovna, 36 years old, Cherkassy.


Anastasia Pilipchuk, 33 years old, Ukraine, Zhitomir.


Olga Vladimirovna Konshina, 48 years old, Kharkiv


Romanova Anastasia Nikolaevna, 27 years old, Kiev

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Lena Guziy

21 hours ago

On the 7th breast was performed laparoscopic operation according to the view of the chewing mikhur, I was sent to the physicians Khristiuk Dmytro Ivanovich, assistant Tair, as well as nurse Viri, an anesthesiologist. The staff are even more vichlivy, Tayr is ready to call. The operation went smoothly and without acceleration, the next day I was already at home. God forbid, we have a lot of such fakhivtsіv and kind-hearted people. Dyakuyu you for your little one, God grant you health.


Svetlana Kapranova

Good afternoon. I would like to leave a positive review and recommend the center for laparoscopic surgery. And to say a big thank you to the doctor Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich for his professionalism. And, of course, the assistant doctor Tair for all organizational issues related to the operation. On October 11, my gallbladder was removed, and the next day I was at home. I can tell who needs help, contact them at the center and you will not regret it.


Ira Levitskaya

I would like to express my gratitude to Dmitry Ivanovich Khristyuk and Tair. My husband was diagnosed with grade 3 achalasia of cardia, he was already critically losing weight. We underwent laparoscopy of achalasia at the clinic, and on the second day they were already discharged home. Now more than a month has passed since the operation, my husband recovered very quickly, the permanent lump in his throat is gone, he stopped suffocating, and an appetite appeared. Thanks to Dmitry Ivanovich and Tair for their professionalism, for being in touch 24/7. With gratitude, the Lugovik family of Konotop.


Valeria Yanchuk

month ago
I did the operation here on 07/15/2021. The medical team is good. Special thanks to the surgeon Dmitry Ivanovich Khristyuk, assistant Tair and nurse Vera Datsenko. As well as the staff of the surgical department. They treat their work responsibly and with understanding. People are in their place. I didn't pay anything extra. I called, agreed, passed the tests and for the operation. Everything is operational. I have not heard any refusals, on the contrary, if you have any questions, please call and ask. Pleasantly surprised. There would be more such doctors.


Anastasia Pilipchuk

month ago
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dmitry Ivanovich Khristyuk and his assistant Tair. These are wonderful people who do their job professionally and treat their patients very well, humanly. Yesterday 07.06.21 I had a cholecystectomy operation in this center. Today 06/08/21 I'm already at home! All the medical staff were very kind, and calmed me down, as I was very much afraid of the operation. Despite the protracted operation, due to the fact that my gall was huge, Dmitry Ivanovich coped with it perfectly. And Tair was always in touch and answered any questions I had. Everything was performed laparoscopically, the stitches remained small and almost did not hurt. I also want to note that I really liked the anesthesia. This was my first operation and everything went as pleasantly as possible. After him, I did not feel sick and nothing hurt. The ward was for two people, they lay with the girl, so it was not boring. The nurses are also very kind and good people, they are always ready to come to the rescue when the phone rings and help in any way necessary. In general, I have only positive emotions from the time spent in the center, and of course, a huge gratitude to all his medical staff for finally helping me cope with my sore, and now I am very happy!


Olga Sokolovska

6 months ago
06.05. 2021 I had a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The operation was successful. Many thanks to all the staff of the department and the operating team. I would especially like to thank the surgeon Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich and his assistant - Tair, for the attention before and after the operation, for the consultations before and after discharge, for their high professionalism! Thank you!!!


Tatiana Kuznetsova

4 months ago
On 15.07.21, a laparoscopic cholecystectomy was performed at the center. The operation was successful and without any complications. Many thanks to Dmitry Ivanovich Khristyuk, his assistant Tair, nurses in the department of surgery. I was pleasantly surprised by the care and attention before and after the operation. Highly recommend!


Anastasia Pavlyuk

8 months ago
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dmitry Ivanovich Khristyuk and his assistant Tair for the operation to remove the bile. Everything went at the highest level, attention was paid, they constantly came in and were interested in their well-being. The operation went well and the conditions were excellent. Thank you very much for your care and professionalism🙏


Ksenia Petrushenko

8 months ago
Hello, I would like to tell you about the Center for Laparoscopic Surgery. They removed my gallbladder here a little over a month ago. First, about the hospital: if you think that you will come to a private clinic, then this is not so. This center is part of Hospital No. 1, and the operation and the postoperative period take place there. But there is nothing wrong with that. The hospital is very good, excellent medical staff and good wards. I was in a standard room for 3 people. Inside there is a toilet with a washbasin, plastic windows, there is air conditioning, cleaning in the room was of high quality. For an additional fee, you can take a ward for one person, but given that I lay there for exactly one day, I see no point in this. About the operation and organization. I arrived at the hospital, gave out hygiene products and slippers, issued them and took them to the ward, made a cardiogram and forward to the operation. All this happens very quickly. Anesthesia is good, I did not wake up before the end of the operation :)))) The operation was over without any peculiarities, it went about an hour. The doctor came in after the operation, answered the questions of interest and visited in the morning before the round (examined the state of the fluid that was draining from the drainage tube). Since nothing bothered me too much, why should I come to me 100 times. And now, after a month, I’ll tell you that the scar inside is almost not felt, all the cuts healed very quickly. Therefore, I have only one conclusion that the doctor Dmitry Ivanovich is a very good surgeon, and if it were not for his professionalism, then everything could heal for a longer time. And about the operation, do not worry, you are in good hands. I fell asleep, woke up an hour later and did not understand anything. After the operation, the most difficult are the first 3 days. Then you completely return to everyday life, although there is a restriction on nutrition, but for many, this is for the best. By the way, if anything bothers you after the operation, you can call either the doctor or assistant Tair and they will consult you. I hope someone will be helped by my review. All health!


Galina Osadcha

8 months ago
On 12 03 2021 I underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The operation was successful. All fears and doubts were dispelled immediately after the consultation. Many thanks to all the staff of the department and the operating team. I would especially like to thank the surgeon Dmitry Ivanovich Khristyuk and his assistant, Tair, for the attention and care before and after the operation, for the consultation after discharge. Thank you!!!


Dmitry Lebedev

5 months ago
On April 12, Dr. Khristiuk performed a laprascopic removal of the inflamed bile duct and, despite the acute process, everything went as smoothly as possible, and the very next day I was discharged. But, if I had to stay still, I would not be upset. I don’t know if this is the first hospital of this kind, or if all this is thanks to Tair (a doctor's assistant who leads the patient and advises literally on ANY issues and almost at any time) - but on the whole I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, this is not a physician or an Eurolab, but the ward was double, with a toilet. I was lying alone, the staff, including the nurses, were extremely helpful, caring and did not even want to take money in gratitude. Upon admission, they give out a full set, from slippers and a toothbrush, to toilet paper and water, so you can take nothing with you except confidence and desire.


Oksana Krivopusk

6 months ago
I am very pleased that I came to this center with my mother! Many thanks to Dmitry Ivanovich and Tair for their high professionalism and good attitude towards patients !! My mom was operated on on April 29, she's doing great! Thank you very much, you are the best !!!!


Tatiana Podzolkina

A year ago
My husband and I are very grateful to the surgeon Dmitry Ivanovich Khristyuk, his assistant Tair for the excellently performed complex operation to my husband on January 26, 2021, in which we were refused in another clinic. I would like to note the high professional level of work with patients, from the first to the last minute spent in the clinic. Dmitry Ivanovich, thank you very much for your golden hands, responsiveness, humanity and professionalism. We wish you good health and success in your difficult sacred work. Best regards, Igor and Tatiana Podzolkiny.


Natalia Chikish

3 weeks ago
Many thanks to Dmitry Ivanovich and all the staff for the professionalism during the operation and the sensitive attitude towards the patient.


Lyudmila Bondarets

a year ago
Many thanks to the surgeon of the highest category Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich and the assistant to the surgeon, doctor Tair for high professionalism, attention and care. They operated on my mother, she is 73 years old ... a complex case of acute gangrenous cholecystitis ... 2 operations within a week. The operations were successful. Special thanks to Tair for his attention, care and just HUMANITY !!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!

Natalia Rudik

a year ago
Good day! It is with great pleasure that I want to thank Dmitry Ivanovich Khristyuk and Tair for their attentive and reverent attitude, for the professionally performed work, for the feeling of confidence that everything will be fine, which I had from the first minute of our communication. Everything has receded - fear, pain, doubts ... Today, two weeks after the operation, I feel great, and I am still glad that I came to you. Your work is the finest art. Thank you very much! Be healthy!


Lyudmila Prokhorenko

a year ago
A week ago, my gallbladder was removed. The operation was performed by a wonderful doctor, professional, surgeon Dmitry Ivanovich Khristiuk and his attentive, friendly assistant Tair. Excellent specialists. The operation was carried out successfully. The first day after the operation, they were almost always there. After the operation, they told me what to do next. Not all doctors are ready to understand and accept, to listen to you, frightened, and calm you down. Even after being discharged home, they always and immediately answer the questions that concern me, and when you stay at home by yourself, there are VERY many questions. Dmitry Ivanovich, Tair! I'm very grateful to you! I wish you success in YOUR hard work.


Aleksander Veselovsky

a year ago
The son was operated on for the removal of the gallbladder. We express our deep gratitude to the professional with a capital letter - Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich. Everything is clear, clear, attentive. I was impressed by the synchronicity of work with assistant Tair. The accompaniment from the very beginning instills confidence in the success of the operation, and the pain and fear go away. I express my gratitude to the whole team for their sensitive attitude and indifference. I wish you all success, optimism and health.


Zarina Samadova

a year ago
On 10/06/2020, I underwent laparoscopic hocystectomy. Everything went at the highest level. The operation was performed by the doctor Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dmitry Ivanovich, his assistant Tair and all the medical staff, for their professionalism and good human attitude.


Anton Suprun

a year ago
Best impressions of the Laparoscopic Surgery Center. The wife was operated on on September 8, 2020. It was necessary to urgently remove the gallbladder. The operation was successful. There were no complications during the recovery period. The recovery is very fast. Temperature and pressure are normal. Thank you for a good examination, correct diagnosis, excellent operation. Thanks to Tair for your attention and support from the first day in the center until discharge. Thanks to our Surgeon (with a capital letter) Grib Alexander Mikhailovich for deep knowledge and golden hands. We sincerely recommend the Laparoscopic Surgery Center to all relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Nikolay Filatov

a year ago
A great place to improve your health! I recommend this particular clinic, I had an operation to remove the gallbladder (stones). Very good service, a separate room and three meals a day (although in my case it is a temporary diet :-), but this is not the main thing. Many thanks to the surgeon - Dmitry Ivanovich Khristyuk, the anesthesiologist - to Vitaly Petrovich Korchak and separately a big THANK YOU to Tair, who accompanies me from the beginning to the moment of discharge! All this takes exactly one day with recovery after surgery. No more discomfort and pain, just a healthy lifestyle. I am glad that I chose you! Thank you very much and all the best to you!


svitlana kafkoulas

a year ago
Doctors in the center work with dignity! Everything is very clear and professional. I was only shocked by the junior honey. Staff. Rudeness and rudeness of bygone times are present in full. In everyday life, you also need to pay attention, at least to provide toilet paper to the toilets. If operations are paid, then at least a minimum of amenities should be provided. Not a single side light worked. At night, nurses turn on the general light to make injections and, accordingly, everyone else does not have the proper rest, which is necessary after the operation. But the golden hands of doctors are worthy of praise. Professionals with extensive experience work and do everything smoothly and clearly. RESPECT


Yuliya Khadaronak

9 months ago
Thank you very much to Dmitry Ivanovich and his entire team for the work done. We operated on an inguinal hernia. Everything was at the highest level, from the first call with questions to discharge. Special thanks to Tair - 24/7 in touch, helped with all questions, which inspired confidence. Never regretted choosing you ??


Elena Tunayan

A year ago
Many thanks to the surgeons for the laparoscopy performed on January 15th, I underwent an operation, and on January 20th, Dmitry Ivanovich and his colleagues were discharged, thanks to the entire team in the operating room Admire the professionalism and work of the medical staff Returned hope to a fulfilling life


Matiar Elena

a year ago
Hello! We would like to express our gratitude to the staff of the surgical department, the operating doctor Khristiuk D.I., as well as Tair, for the qualified help, professionalism, responsiveness and attentiveness. The operation was successful, thank you!


Olya Pampukha

a year ago
The operation was performed on my mother, Dr. Dmitry Ivanovich, an experienced surgeon, and a good person, we liked everything and the attitude and professional care, thank you and your assistant Tair.


Makson Respect

a year ago
My mother was operated on, we thank you very much for such an attitude towards visiting patients. I recommend this hospital and this staff to whom I am grateful for the work done by the robot. And so it is better to be ill for all good health!


Lilia Loiko

a year ago
2 weeks ago they had an operation, everything went great: the hospital staff is very friendly, the stitches are even and have already healed, I was at home the next day, the recovery period is also going well. So I can recommend this place to those who still doubt whether it is worth contacting here!


Maxim Panaga

month ago
Dyakuyu lykarya Khristyuk Dmitro Ivanovich for the miraculous operation: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Shvidko and professional. Garnered to the patients. (Translated by Google) I would like to thank the doctor Dmitry Ivanovich Khristyuk for the excellent operation: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Fast and professional. Good attitude towards patients.


Leonid Melnichuk

a year ago
Good day! 09/22/2020 my mother's fate (76 years) was performed a laparoscopic operation according to the vision of the mikhur. I want to see my best friend to the doctor-surgeon of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences, Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich and the doctor-surgeon - Tair. Heads of professionalism and the great admiration of the robot, the operation went well and successfully. After 4 years, my mother walked independently. Dmytro Ivanovich and Tair steadily went to and fed about self-respect. Uhnya respect, turbo and high quality created the atmosphere of calmness, entrapment and in good results. The ward was clean and well, and the hospitable medical staff were making the house calm. Low bias to you for your importance. The leader is Leonid and Larisa Mykolaivna. (Translated by Google) Hello! On September 22, 2020, my mother (76 years old) underwent a laparoscopic operation to remove the gallbladder. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the surgeon of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences, Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich and surgeon Tair. Thanks to the professionalism and extensive work experience, the operation was quick and successful. After 4:00, my mother walked on her own. Dmitry Ivanovich and Tair constantly came up and asked about their health. Their attention, care and high qualifications created an atmosphere of calmness, security and confidence in a good result. A clean and tidy ward and friendly medical staff created a homely atmosphere. Low bow to you for your hard work. With Leonid and Larisa Nikolaevna.


Marya Khotsyanivska

A year ago
I saw gum on 1.02.21. The operation was quick and painless for me. Likar Khristiuk Dmitro Ivanovich and the yogo assistant Tayrtse help me with your help, I’m great for your help. The stench of supravodzhuvali me from the very cob and until the end. (Translated by Google) Removed bile 1.02.21. The operation was quick and painless for me. Doctor Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich and his assistant Tair are real masters of their craft, a big gratitude to them for their support. They accompanied me from the very beginning to the end.


Elmira Vadets

8 months ago
I saw a zhovchny mihur, performing an operation on a miraculous lykar Khristiuk Dmitro Ivanovich. Dyakuyu is great for you? Likewise, I would like to thank the assistant Tair for garnishing the robot and giving a consultation. (Translated by Google) Removed the gallbladder, the operation was performed by a wonderful doctor Dmitry Ivanovich Khristiuk. Thank you very much, you are a master of your craft. Also, special thanks to Tair's assistant for good work and detailed advice.


Serge sherse

a year ago
On 09-10-2020, a laparoscopic cholecystectomy was performed. Everything went smoothly and successfully. I want to see the great friend of the doctor-surgeon Hristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich, Tair and all the medical staff for the professionalism of the robot, I respect that turbot. Recommend! (Translated by Google) 09-10-2020 I underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Everything went quickly and successfully. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the surgeon Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich, Tair and all the medical staff for their professionalism in work, attention and care. Recommend!


Larysa Tsurko

a year ago
29 October 2020r. my mother was broken by the operation - a vision of the chewing mikhur. 30jovtnya, lyudina yakiy 76 rokiv, bula vypisana dodoma. Successful operations of the supply chain. Suchasne medical care of the food class and high professionalism to the team. I would like to help all the staff see the news, and to the smut - to the surgeon Hristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich and his assistant Tair. Having registered with the Ukrainian medical center in the Center for Laparoscopic Surgery in the Kiev metro station, you can make sure that Ukraine is a European state. (Translated by Google) Oct 29, 2020 my mother had an operation - removal of the gallbladder. 30Jovtnya, a 76-year-old man, was discharged home. The success of the operation was assured. Modern equipment of the highest class and high professionalism of the team. I would like to thank all the staff of the department, and most importantly - the surgeon Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich and his ASSISTANT Tair. Having met with ukinskaya MEDICINE at the Center for Laparoscopic Surgery in Kiev, it can be argued that the thunderstorm is a European state.


Pasha Dubovenko

a year ago
I would like to see a friend to the surgeon Hristyuk D. I, as well as to Taire for an hour I will give him a great help. The operation according to the vision of the chewing mikhur passed quickly and successfully. On the coming day, the boules are still at home. Hto shukak khirurga proponyumo be killed until Khristiuk D.I. Dyakumo will help you for the professional. (Translated by Google) We would like to express our gratitude to the surgeon D.I. Khristiuk, as well as Tair for the high-quality care provided on time. The operation to remove the gallbladder was quick and successful. The next day we were already at home. Who is looking for a surgeon, we suggest contacting DI Khristiuk. Thank you for your professional help.


Lyba Kucnmenko

7 months ago
I want to support the friends and people from God. Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich and Tair for the miraculous performance of the meeting on 04/29/2021, for your attention to the people !! (Translated by Google) I would like to thank the doctors and people from God Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich and Tair for the excellent performance of the meini ceremony on 04/29/2021, for your good attitude towards people !!


Lyudmila Grebenik

a year ago
Dyakuyu "center" to Khristiuk Dmitri Ivanovich for the operation. Chuiny, respectable, kind, helpful likar! Bully in panic, I am grateful to you for moral attention and kind word. , anesthesiologist, everyone, hto me less. Dmitry Ivanovich, you are the most beautiful !!!! I wish everyone health! (Translated by Google) Thanks to the "center" and Khristiuk Dmitry Ivanovich for the operation. Sensitive, attentive, benevolent, a real doctor! I was in a panic, so I thank you for your moral support and kind word. The wards are comfortable, cozy, the staff works professionally. Special thanks to Tair, the anesthesiologist, everyone who saved me. Dmitry Ivanovich, you are the best !!!! I wish you all good health!


Nina Luchenko

a year ago
I want to see my heart go to Dmitry Ivanovich and Tai Tair for his high professionalism, chuinness, people, respect. !!! Shanovnі lіkarі from a generous heart and I want you mіtsіnі mіtsnyh health? Nekhai everything will be good for you ?? (Translated by Google) I would like to thank Dmitry Ivanovich and Tair from the bottom of my heart for their high professionalism, sensitivity, humanity, respect ... Not only are the Doctors from God extremely attentive, always ready to listen, advise, console .. They are also highly qualified professionals in their field .. Highly recommend !!!! Dear doctors, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you good health? May everything be good for you ??


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